Daman Dash

Daman Dash…LOL, sounds like a nineties video game right. Well that’s almost how the saturday ride was. 2 bikers on a brisk winter ride to Daman and back. 340 kilometres back and forth, all in a matter of 7 hours. All it took was 2 crazy riders, couple of ready bikes, the smooth NH8 and a little bit of pursuasion ๐Ÿ˜‰

We were a bit skeptical on hitting the highway, especially since it rained quite heavily the night before. A heavy winter shower…what are the odds right! So there we were on the phone on early saturday morning, contemplating on whether to go for the ride or not. Finally we crossed our fingers and saddled up.

Stopping a couple of times on the way, we reached the Princess Park hotel at Devka Beach, Daman at around 12 noon. The reason I choose to stop at this hotel everytime is because of the beach-side restaurant and the utterly delicious food. Without much further ado, here goes the pics…

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Iโ€™ll meet you soon on the highwayโ€ฆ



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