Solo ride to Igatpuri

I’ve always been riding with fellow petrolheads, venturing into the unknown. However, riding solo has it’s own share of fun too. For instance, no-one to keep up with, can ride at my own pace, and take a break whenever needed.

What started out as someone’s else’s plan, finally I was the only one left executing it. Well, I wanted to hit the Nashik Expressway – NH 3 in December, and this seemed to be the most apt timing. The on-set of winter, cool weather and an empty highway…sounds tempting doesn’t it ๐Ÿ˜‰

While my friends were busy planning an overnight trip, I figured such short breakfast rides can really be refreshing. So, I saddled up and hit the tarmac…Here’s a bit of solo ride photography on way to Igatpuri, a small hill station amidst the Sahyadris, famous for vada pav…Enjoy!

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I’ll meet you soon on the highway…



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